Lease your Generac Generator

Enjoy zero-up-front costs + zero parts and labour charge for all repairs. We’ll include a maintenance tune-up every two years to keep your Generac Generator running safely and efficiently.

Generac Generator Peace Of Mind
Rest easy by leasing your Generac generator from BHC Power

Leasing a new Generac Generator is simple. It is a hassle free, convenient option for homeowners who don’t want to worry about any upfront payment, ongoing maintenance costs, expensive repair service calls or equipment replacement.

Here’s what we offer our leasing customers:

– Total peace of mind
– Zero up-front costs
– Zero parts and labour charge for ALL repairs
– Equipment replacement at no additional cost
– We can be installing a new Generac Generator in as little as 24 hrs
– The equipment is yours after 10 years or we can replace your generator with a new one.


Our Energy Management Consultant will begin by providing you with a comprehensive evaluation of your home comfort needs. Gain the peace of mind knowing you’re choosing a provider you can depend on and brand name products you can trust.

Our licensed and insured installers will complete your installation while respecting your time and your home.

BHC Power’s after-sales service and warranties will give you peace of mind knowing you’ll be taken care of long after the installation of your new Generac Generator is complete.

Generac Generator Leasing
Lease your Generac Generator

Leasing a Generator is a smooth process that you’ll feel good about. It is an investment in your home and your peace of mind. Stay warm and be confident knowing you’re in good hands with BHC Power and Generac.

One of our Energy Management Consultants will complete a thorough assessment of your home. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing the right Generator. Here are just a few: age and size of home, emergency back-up needs, and location options.

Contact us today for your free in-home assessment. Invest in your peace of mind. Get a Generac Automatic Generator today!