Getting your Generac Generator Ready for Winter

Generac Generators in winter

Winter brings colder temperatures and everything from ice storms to blizzards. Your GENERAC Standby Generator has to operate when you need it. In winter, that means starting and running reliably in sub-freezing temperatures.

Most engines do not start as easily when it is cold, and the engine in your generator is no different. In addition to parts that don’t move as easily and oil that is thicker in colder temperatures, it is also harder to make the fuel burn efficiently and keep the engine running. Modern engines have seen great improvements in last few decades that help them start and keep running, but making sure your generator is in top condition will help ensure it’s ready when you need it. Have the experts at Brisebois Mechanical tune-up your generator to make sure it is ready for winter. We use only quality Synthetic Oil to assure maximum protection in cold starts.


Keep the area around your standby generator clear of snow and debris. It is especially important that the air vents on the cabinet are not blocked. When you clear snow after storm, make sure you also clear a path to the generator and clean the snow away from cabinet. Keep blowing snow from accumulating in drifts against the generator.

Cold weather kits  help your generator engine start and warm up faster. In either case, planning ahead now can thwart a problem from occurring when you least expect it.

Generac Winter Heater Kit

Cold reduces the ability of a battery to produce energy. By keeping the battery warm with a battery warmer, the battery is able to produce more energy and thus provide more reliable engine starting.

Engine block heaters and oil heaters also provide more reliable starting in cold weather. Call us today to have yours installed by our experts.

Your generator is an important part of keeping your family and home safe during a power outage, and even more so in winter. Make sure your generator is ready to run when you need it most.

Snow Before After pic 2-4-15